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CHERP 中國地震緩解計劃 - Mianyang, CHERP TRAINING Day 2 (July 22)

Rob Blinn - Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:07 am
Post subject: Mianyang, CHERP TRAINING Day 2 (July 22)
Yesterday was the first day of training.

This included presentations on the psychobiology of trauma as well as many demonstrations of how somatic experiencing and psychological first aid work. While various members of the Foundation for Human Enrichment (FHE) team spoke and interacted with the audience, our two presentation translators: Angel Meng and Ninetta So served as very capable large group translators. Ninetta has extensive experience doing translation and interpretation in large groups. Given Angel�s medical background, many of the students, including Hospital Director, Dr. Wen Hong found Angel�s command of medical Chinese impressive.

Following several demonstrations and interactive exercises it was obvious to many that student interest in these techniques was increasing. By the end of the day, student interest had picked up considerably. Once people learn how powerful these techniques can be to resolve trauma, they are eager to learn more.

Today is the first day of fieldwork. We will be going into the inpatient wards at Mianyang 3rd People�s Hospital. Tomorrow it is back to the classroom and a focus on helping traumatized children. Then on Friday we will head to Beichuan for three days.

The team as a whole is really coming together. Last night the interpreter team met to discuss terms and the process of interpretation. Ninetta has been great at teaching our interpretation team. She focused on the importance of imitating the speaker and responders' context, manner, tone and pace in addition to just translating content. She has been invaluable!

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Rob Blinn, Ph.D.
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