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CHERP 中國地震緩解計劃 - CHERP Phase 3 Plan & Objectives

PaulChung - Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:41 pm
Post subject: CHERP Phase 3 Plan & Objectives
Phase 3:

In Phase 3, a second FHE-sponsored team (of 4-6 members) from the Trauma Resource Institute (TRI) lead by TRI Co-Director Dr. Laurie Leitch will come to China to provide in-depth training in the somatically-based model, Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM).

在第3期,第二支由豐裕人生基金會(FHE)贊助,經由創傷資源學院(TRI) 聯合負責人盧瑞樂奇博士帶領的TRI小組(有4-6位成員)會到中國,提供 創傷恢復力模式(TRM) 作深入培訓,TRM以本體感覺為基礎的。

TRM is a brief, stabilization model developed after the 2004 Asian tsunami (and refined since then) and inspired by Somatic Experiencing. TRM has been used in US disasters (e.g., hurricanes and fires) as well as internationally (e.g., in Rwanda to train counselors working with genocide survivors and perpetrators, in Kenya with activists against Female genital Mutilation).


TRM is a 3 day, skills-based training (that can be delivered in 3 consecutive days or in another format, if necessary) that uses a field-tested training manual as well as other training aids for use in the field. All materials have been used in previous disaster work.


TRI also has experience incorporating translators as part of the team in TRM training.


The focus of TRM is to equip counselors, first responders and other disaster personnel to offer somatically-based intervention (i.e., a focus on the biological basis of trauma) in the field to survivors as well as for team self-care.


TRI team members will provide in-the-field supervision to trainees wherever possible in order to deepen and anchor somatic skills.


TRI and FHE are currently working collaboratively in the US with combat veterans and both Co-Directors of TRI completed the 3-year FHE Somatic Experiencing training.


Dr. Leitch is a founder of TRI as well as FHE's Director of Research. Elaine Miller-Karas, TRIs Co-Director and Director of Training and Education will be on the team. The other team members will be Ellen Elgart, licensed social worker, Brenda Williams, licensed social worker, and Pat Kauanbanput, M.D.


All TRI team members will be licensed clinicians as well as trained in TRIs somatic model. It is anticipated that at least one TRI team member will be a physician. Phase 3 trainings will be evaluated using TRUSS. Assessments of survivors who receive TRM treatment will also be collected (pre/post/follow-up).

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